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Hirsch Vineyards

Iconic wines from the remote Seaview-Fort Ross AVA in the West Sonoma Coast. At the limit for Pinot Noir, these vineyards were established in 1984 by David Hirsch. The San Andreas Fault has shaped Hirsch vineyards which now range over 72 acres in 60 different blocks and are biodynamic since 2014. Jasmine Hirsch, co-founder of “In Pursuit of Balance” is currently in charge of running the winery.

“I can’t remember when I last reacted to tasting a new wine by getting into my car and setting off to find the vineyard…It was a stout Cortez moment. We sipped. We looked at each other with a wild surmise. Purity of fruit, firmness of purpose, a sense of place to set my satnav spinning. This was Pinot Noir of a kind I had never seen, and didn’t expect to see, in California. Nor in Burgundy, for that matter, I simply had to go and see where it came from.” Hugh Johnson, “Seduction along fault lines and whale paths”. THe World of Fine Wine Issue 48/2015.