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Meet Barolo Girl

Please meet our latest producer, Giulia Negri. Known as the ‘Barolo Girl’, Giulia is a rising star of the Langhe producing beautifully elegant and pure Nebbiolo. We are so delighted to have gotten our hands on her wine and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Giulia is the most recent generation to take the reins of the family estate in Serradenari which has been growing Nebbiolo and making Barolo for about 150 years. This position was not simply handed to Giulia, she became an established ‘garagiste’ winemaker in her own right first. In her early 20s Giulia founded her own garage winery after being inspired by watching many of her friends establish their own small winemaking projects. Her winery consisted of a modest shed with even more modest winemaking equipment. In Giulia’s mind there are only three things that are essential in the cellar: cleanliness, simplicity and passion.

Giulia’s cellar

The Serradenari descends from the 536 meters of the highest vineyard in the Marassio to the 450 meters of Pian delle Mole. It spans 14 hectares of vineyards comprising of different soils and forests with large truffle trees. A haven for anyone with a sense of smell… or eyes. Giulia has always had a respect for tradition and wanted to honor her family’s, so she took charge of Nebbiolo vines growing on the lower warmer portion of the Serradenari. But, she didn’t stop there and in her true fashion making her own mark, she planted Chardonnay and Pinot Noir near the forest on sites too cool for Nebbiolo.


While Giulia’s Piemonte Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are innovative and exciting her Barolo is all about precise and well-executed tradition. The buck doesn’t stop there with Giulia, her Langhe Nebbiolo has been pinned by Decanter’s Susan Hulme MW as one of the Top 20 Barolo Alternatives. This Barolo Girl does not seem like she’s slowing down anytime soon. In her own words, winemaking is an art: the art of continuous trial and error. She will keep on trying until she succeeds to make the world’s best wine. And we will be happy to go along for the ride.