Port Can Be Cool

Many venues serve port too warm. Reducing temperature offers greater versatility, and increases the uniquely enjoyable qualities that port offers. We suggest temperatures of 13 – 16°C for Ruby Port and 10 -13°C for Tawny Port. When serving an LBV or Vintage Port we recommend 16°C to balance alcoholic warming against astringency.

These recommendations are based on the results of a research project for the Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) that Barbara undertook as part of her MW studies. While lower serving temperatures result in some reduction of aroma and flavours, there are benefits in a reduced impression of alcoholic warming, and in an increase to the perception of acidity.



Classic Dry White Cocktail

Order Code: NDWP
Made with half Niepoort Dry White Port, half tonic water and a twist of lemon – serve over ice in a long glass.

Vintage: NV   |  Bottle Price: €12.65  |  Case Price: €75.90



Red Port Cocktail Ruby

Order Code: NRUBY
Made with one third Ruby Port, two thirds tonic water, crushed berries and cinnamon. Serve over ice in a Burgundy Glass.

Vintage: NV  |  Bottle Price: €12.65  |  Case Price: €75.90



10 Year Old White Port

Order Code: NWP10Y
Aged white ports have the aged oxidative character of a young tawny, but with a fresher palate of orange peel, dried figs and roasted almonds.  They made a great chilled aperitif at 8 – 10°C and pair well with lighter desserts.

Vintage: NV  |  Bottle Price: €25.25  |  Case Price: €151.50

With Dessert or Cheese

Niepoort LBV

Order Code: NLBV
After dinner is the most common way in which we experience port – so make it a classic Late Bottled Vintage, but with a slight chill. This will make a perfect partner for dark chocolate desserts or hard cheeses.

Vintage: NV  |  Bottle Price: €16.40  |  Case Price: €98.40