Portfolio Tasting 2018

Monday the 9th of April saw our 2018 Portfolio Tasting. We were delighted with the turn out, thanks to everyone for coming down – it was great to see you.

With the first day of summer sunshine, the light was streaming in through the windows at The Drury Buildings giving way to a jovial start to the day. Wine, sunshine and Dublin City – three of our favourite things.

Here are a few of our highlights from the day:

The first table was home to Cava. We are very excited about Cava this year, it’s time in the limelight is long overdue. Our highlights at this table were the Integral Cava Brut Nature Reserva and the Espumos Original 1887 Gran Reserva Brut Nature. 

One of our producers, Stefan from Tement in Austria was at table 2. Tement is a winery in Styria with another winery located just over the border in Slovenia. Tement has forged a reputation for great Sauvignon Blancs, we import 4 different Sauvignons from them and they were showing exquisitely on the day. Two of Tement’s wines are made only 50 metres apart but are located in different countries. Sauvignon Blanc Zieregg Reid made in the top vineyard in Austria and Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc made in Slovenia – great wines for comparison.

Manfred, Armin and Stefan Tement

France had its own table on table 3. There were a range of very different wines on show but our two new wines from Cote Chalonnaise, Mercurey Les Champs Michaux and Mercurey 1er Cru Champs Martin were definite stand outs. The wines from Chateau le Puy were as elegant as ever as well as Duc des Nauves which is also made by the Amoreau family. Two white wines from Turner Pageot, Le Blanc and Les Choix were tasting well with 30% skin fermented Marsanne and 100% skin fermented respectively they fall into the orange category as well as being made biodynamically.

It was all about Portugal and South Africa on table 4 – and there was a lot to get excited about here. We were showing one of our new producers Aphros’ Wines, Loureiro which was singing so loud on the day it nearly shattered the freshly polished glasses in the room. As always, BlankBottle’s wines did not fail to impress. Sitting beside them were the two Chardonnays from South African producer (originally from Alsace) Julien Schaal. We couldn’t be happier with the resurgence of chardonnays, and Julien Schaal’s will make you want to drink nothing else.

We finished with our magnums and German wines on table 5. It was the Cuvee Vom Berg and Mouchao that seemed to make the biggest impression here, the first having delicacy and precision the latter a deeply coloured intense saturated wine with years to go.

Once again, great wine, great conversations and the rare Irish sunshine made for a fantastic Portfolio tasting. We’re already excited for the next event!