Please Meet Our Newest South African Winemaker (from England), Richard Kershaw

We are absolutely delighted to be appointed as importer for Richard Kershaw Wines. We thought we would introduce him formally to all of you here, so please make him feel right at home.

Richard was born and raised in the UK where he enjoyed a successful year as a chef before falling in love with wine. It was a whirlwind romance from here, completing his Master of Wine exams and then moving to South Africa in 1999 to become South Africa’s only MW winemaker.

Richard’s winemaking site, Elgin, is in one of South Africa’s coolest wine districts. He set out to craft clonally selected, site-specific, cool climate wines here. Benefiting from higher altitude, proximity to the ocean, specific cloud cover sequencing and large differences in day and night temperatures it affords his Chardonnay to show a true sense of place. This climate leans toward Southern Burgundy and the Northern Rhone which imparts Richard’s wines with a wonderfully old world feel.

Humble as always, Richard’s dream is to own a shed to make wine in. He saw many winemakers making excellent wine from sheds in Australia which inspired him. If it’s one thing you can say for certainty, is that Richard Kershaw cares deeply about his wine.

Recently arrived are two wines, the Clonal Selection Elgin Chardonnay 2016 and the Clonal Selection Elgin Pinot Noir 2016. Richard has received lots of critical acclaim for his Chardonnays, and has been pivotal in leading the current Elgin Chardonany crusade.

The Chardonnay makes use of lower-yielding Dijon clones, namely 76, 95 and 96 which display an inherent elegance and restraint. Notes of spice and flint are layered with citrus pith and white blossom. The attack is brisk and leads to a refined, scented palate. There is a hint of grip and the oak is completely integrated, contributing to a texturally very fine wine. Fresh with a long, mineral finish, it’s the perfect match for roasted poultry. Hello Christmas dinner!

The Pinot Noir makes use of French clones PN667, PN115 and PN113 giving floral attributes underscored by purity. It’s delicate and alluring with rich fruit persisting on the palate and punctuated by notes of cherry stone and thyme. Fine, powdery tannins are lifted by the palate’s supple texture and naturally bright acidity.