Doing business during Covid 19

As of 9 April 2020

The bonded warehouse remains open three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our access to the warehouse is limited and deliveries will be done by couriers. For orders placed on Monday, courier delivery will be Wednesday, orders placed on Wednesday will be delivered on Friday and orders placed on Friday will be delivered on Monday. 

Wine continues to be available from some wineries. Shipping from Italy, Spain and South Africa which were restricted are now possible. or Spain due to restrictions in those countries. In general shipping times are slower due to safety measures that are in place at the wineries and the ports and all along the supply chain. We have several shipments of core wines in transit.

Given the most recent restrictions on movements, we will visit in person only if essential but we are always here on the mobile, email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or any other means you can find to contact us.

Some on-trade are trading via take-away and some independent retailers remain open albeit in a more creative/restrictive manner. Please get in touch if we can help regarding the frequency and time of deliveries, linking with you on our social media, or if you have any other suggestions as to what we can do to support you.

We have created 3 pre packed wine boxes for retailers called Wine a la Mason. For more details email us at