BLANKbottle’s latest offering

Introducing 6 new and unique wines to our portfolio in September 2018, as BLANKbottle release their latest crop of real, wonderful, and creative wines.

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First up,  a brief synopsis of Pieter H. Walser (founder of BLANKbottle) for any of you unaware of his philosophy and fascinating wines. When asked to describe his wines he responded ‘Clothes maketh not the man; judge my wines on what’s in the bottle, not the varietal on the label’.

From the beginning he wanted to challenge our preconceptions of how a wine will taste. One story he tells is of a lady arriving into his office and looking for a wine that “was not Shiraz” as she disliked this grape, so naturally Pieter poured her a glass of Shiraz, which she loved, and immediately bought 3 cases of it.

He has adopted a philosophy that none of his wine would have varietals or descriptors on the bottle thus leaving you with the wine alone to deduce what’s inside. That being said we will let you know what most of the varieties are! He designs all his own labels and bottles most of them himself – though it is always what is in the bottle that matters most. This philosophy has given him a cult status in the wine world and allows him a freedom to try out some very unusual blends which we have all grown to love.  Included below is a short video 


Manon de Source 2010: An aged Riesling, a style which we at WineMason are obviously obsessed with.

Nothing to Declare 2016: A textured and spicy blend of 9 varietals. All grapes are from vineyards that were planted with smuggled clones that were brought in during the apartheid sanctions. Most of these illegally smuggled vines were Chardonnay, but in another scandal in the 80’s it was discovered that some of the vines had been Auxerrois, seen as an inferior grape so there was huge confusion as to what was planted where.


Master of None 2017: A playful blend of Grenache Noir, Cinsault, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Roussanne.

Shin a Bhfuil 2016: Originally spelt phonetically (Shin a Will), it’s a fascinating blend of Tempranillo, Carignan and Nebbiolo.

Retirement @65 2017: Named in 2014 (the first vintage) when the vines reached 65 years and produced their first successful crop. An elegant blend of 69 year old Cinsault and some of its neighbouring Syrah.

Sigh of Relief 2016: Blend of Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was happened upon as a small plot of Cabernet Franc was found in the Helderberg (Cape Town) in what was supposed to be a planting of Merlot, It was particularly good terroir. Pieter was the first one contacted, loved the idea, and imagined that the Cabernet Franc vines issued a sigh of relief after being discovered. Hence the name.

Kilptuin Magnum 2016: Made from 2 rows of Syrah on the Ceres Plateau, on ungrafted vines, only 150 produced and bottled in 1500cl flutes.

Other wines from BlankBottle which we sell include Moment of Silence, My Koffer and 69.9999 Shiraz Magnums.