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Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese 2022

Per Case:6
Features:Vegan, Vegetarian
Order Code: JJPWSS22
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Learn More About This Wine

The Wehlener Sonnenuhr is the most famous and considered the best vineyard of the JJ Prum estate. It offers perfect growing conditions for the Riesling with its deep, weather-beaten grey slate soil, a good water support, and extreme steepness of up to 35 degrees and its optimal south-south-west-exposure. 

The Wehlener Sonnenuhr – and the same does apply for the Zeltinger Sonnenuhr – is named after the sundial („Sonnenuhr“ literally means sundial) erected in the vineyard in 1842 by Jodocus Prüm, an ancestor of J.J. Prüm, to give the workers a better time orientation. 

The wines of the Wehlener Sonnenuhr possess an excellent structure, typically showing ripe aromas and flavours (typically stone fruits, like peach), a fine minerality and great depth and length. Especially after having been aged for some years, their harmony, finesse and expression is unique.

JJ Prum

Joh. Jos Prum is located in the middle of the Mosel Valley, around the 50th latitude in one of the…
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