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Julia and Benedikt Baltes are passionate, talented people that are showcasing their heritage in the Ahr region through great Spätburgunder. Ahr is probably the most northern wine-growing region for red wines, but due to its unique microclimate and expressive soils it has a proven track record in great Pinot Noir.

Bertram-Baltes goal is to make profound and characteristic wines which are clear, fresh and show fine fruits with an elegance, finesse and a high level of complexity. The genuine and alluring wines from Bertram-Baltes all start with the vineyard, followed by careful vinification (with comparatively short maceration, and little extraction) and lastly the ageing for 12 to 15 months in German oak.  

Both grew up in winemaking families, her dad was a viticulturist, who sold his grapes. Thanks to this, the young couple were able to inherit old-vine Pinot Noir that is now grown organically. Some of the plants have been around longer than Julia. They run a small family domain that has about 7 ha of vines, they are not looking to grow as they want to stay a small family business that has close relations with their customers. 

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