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This is the story of two bachelor brothers Alfred and Rolf Merkelbach now in their 80’s who have tended the steep vineyards of the Urzig in the Mosel for over 50 years. Average vine age is also 50 years, some vines are older pre-phylloxera in the Urziger Wurzgarten, the steepest of their three sites. The brothers stepped back from the vineyard in 2020, handing over to their trusted neighbour Johannes Selbach of Selbach-Oster, though they still have a say on the day to day and Johannes is singularly dedicated to keeping their tradition alive.

The Merkelbach estate comprises a total of 1.4 hectares, divided between Urziger Wurzgaten and Kinheimer Rosenberg. There are twelve plots in total, with Ürzig Würzgarten accounting for 55%, Kinheim Rosenberg for 25%, and the remaining 20% not designated as a single vineyard. They produce compelling Trocken, Kabinett and Spatlese. Each parcel is vinified separately, no more than two parcels ever to a Fuder. These wines are a step back in time and are very precious.