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Forjas del Salnés, Jancis Robinson

Spanish wine specialist, ex-sommelier at El Bulli and international wine judge, Ferran Centelles recently wrote an article on Salnés producers and their wines on He says he “had a chance to visit with Rodrigo Méndez of Forjas del Salnés. Méndez, working with Raúl Pérez, was instrumental in protecting the DO’s red wines, releasing the … Read More

Port Can Be Cool

Many venues serve port too warm. Reducing temperature offers greater versatility, and increases the uniquely enjoyable qualities that port offers. We suggest temperatures of 13 – 16°C for Ruby Port and 10 -13°C for Tawny Port. When serving an LBV or Vintage Port we recommend 16°C to balance alcoholic warming against astringency. These recommendations are … Read More


In the same way that there are trends in food, there are wine trends. Here are just four that apply equally to wine and food.


Portugal has diverse regions with very distinctive characters due to different soils, climates and varieties.

South Africa

Young wine makers, new vineyards, diverse regions, strong packaging, great stories and high quality wines are winning international recognition.

Wine Descriptors – First Impressions Matter

What makes a good wine note and how many adjectives should you use? As an example which of the two following wines would you prefer? Wine 1 “Tannic, assertive acidity, dry, tobacco, plummy, powerful or wine 2 “Powerful, plummy, tobacco, dry, assertive acidity, tannic.” Even though the same words are used most people will show … Read More