Spit Wine Fair Round Up

Spit-logo-BLACKAnother successful year for the SPIT wine show has come and gone…

Spit 2017-0526   Spit 2017-0897

“The hugely influential independent importer show” – Thomás Clancy on SPIT festival 2017

We didn’t think we could top last years SPIT wine fair, but we somehow managed to surpass our own expectations.

We see SPIT festival as a chance for restaurants and retailers to discover new and exciting showstopping wines. Wines that will make your wine lists stand out from the crowd and excite even the most attuned palates. We have worked hard to source only the best of the best for SPIT wine fair. Some wines that featured in this years SPIT fair which stood out to us were Pieter Walser from the BlankBottle Winery South Africa and the volcanic wines of from Pico and Terceira in the Azores.

SPIT wine fair has grown over the years and is now a permanent event in our yearly calender. It symbolises the growing force within the independent wine trade and showcases the best wines that we here at Winemason, Grapecircus, Nomad Wines and Vinostito have to offer.

                 Spit 2017-0584    Spit 2017-0596

                 Spit 2017-0909

We are already excited for next years event and promise to have an even more intriguing list of wonderful wines on offer.