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Austrian Red Wines

Austria makes great red wines. While the success story for Austrian exports may be Gruner Veltliner, following on its heels are distinctive and...

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Impressions of Austria

Six days in Austria confirmed that Austria’s winemakers and their wines continue to be experimental and among the coolest around. We had already...

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Back to Tasting

September 4 Wines will be available to taste in the Wine Gallery at the Spanish Wine Fair September 13  We really hope you...

Mouchao & Redoma
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Preamble Wine Club Tasting

On Monday 11 April I presented a line up of Portuguese wines to Dublin’s oldest wine club, Preamble. They meet downstairs in Blackrock Cellar which...

Wine Themes


In the same way that there are trends in food, there are wine trends. Here are just four that apply equally to wine...

Wine Themes


Portugal has diverse regions with very distinctive characters due to different soils, climates and varieties.

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South Africa

Young wine makers, new vineyards, diverse regions, strong packaging, great stories and high quality wines are winning international recognition.